One of things I enjoy most about my work is listening to stories. Each person’s story is like a mosaic. When people first meet with me, sometimes there are pieces missing. When we begin to explore their family of origin story, we are able to start putting pieces to their puzzle in place. My clients become aware  of the defenses that they bring into adulthood and the reasons they formed these protections. But as they begin to look at their story as an adult, they realize these same defenses that helped them survive their childhood are now blocking them having healthy relationships. By introducing The Spiritual Root System™ (The 8 Feelings), I help my clients identify their feelings and needs which are essential for healing. Using The 8 Feelings I also introduce the tenets of Imago Relationship Therapy. With this I help my clients learn to listen to others but still maintain their feelings and needs.

I have worked with family members affected by the disease of alcoholism and addiction whose spouse, parent or child was in treatment at The Center for Professional Excellence since 2001. Through the years of working with impaired families, one thing is clear-even though our stories are different, we all struggle with acceptance of feelings and being in relationship. I am myself in living Recovery from Codependence from living around the disease of addiction. I know personally and all with whom I’ve worked that we must talk about these issues.

I now meet with clients at Sage Hill Counseling. I have been married to my husband, Steve, for 40 years. We have two grown children.


  • Masters in Counseling, Trevecca Nazarine University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor – Mental Health Service Provider (LPC#0000002215)
  • Certified Imago Therapist




About my logo:

In 2001 my family visited the Isle of Iona in western Scotland. In the 6th century St. Columba, an Irish Monk, brought Christianity from Ireland to Scotland. Today it is a spiritual community. I learned while staying on this special island that in the Celtic tradition the holy spirit is symbolized as a wild goose. They choose it because, unlike the dove which is calm and predictable, the wild goose is wild and untamable, free and unpredictable, like the wind. I related to this symbolism. Like the goose my life experiences at many times have felt unpredictable and out of my control. But there is also a comfort and strength in the fact that something more powerful than me is in charge. I also love the image of the goose soaring free.