“I was assigned Miriam for counseling while my husband was in a recovery program. I think deep down I knew I needed the counseling. My childhood wounds were deep, I didn’t trust women and I was reluctant to believe that I could gain anything from a female counselor. Miriam was steady and didn’t force things with me, she helped me to discover and see the truth.

Miriam was such a gift with my husband and me too. She helped me see him, and believe him. She helped me hear him and respond to him. It was such a blessing to have her work with us on mirroring one another in the things we said. I felt like my husband was finally hearing me, and I was understanding him.”

-Stephanie B.

“Miriam’s three cords of skilled training, broad life experience, and honest compassion were a strong lifeline for me enabling me to make a difficult decision for myself. I hate to think where I’d be now without her help and very grateful for where I am today.”


“Miriam is one of the main reasons I am in Recovery today and am enjoying a marriage I never thought possible. She is compassionate, caring and loving; but she is not afraid to confront the issues that are so vital to a couples future relationship.”

-Tom C.

“Through working with Miriam in an addiction workshop for spouses, a women’s intensive program, individual and couple sessions, I discovered the freedom of being real. Her expertise on dialogue conversations combined with her patient coaching of two clumsy, wounded individuals seeking reconciliation, was life-changing individually and as a couple.”

-Nancy C.